Passionate about typography, print and using technology and print methods to push designs further. I believe that print methods should be used in conjunction with the design journey and not just used as a finishing tool to produce physical work.
Samuel Beckett 4 plays

A set of 4 typographic posters promoting Samuel Beckett plays. Themes found in all 4 plays such as time, confusion and reputation have been used as inspiration for the final designs.

Dimensions: 594mm x 841mm

Hubble Telescope 25 year anniversary

A set of 4 posters illustrating how Hubble scientists use colour as a tool. The Hubble Space Telescope uses coloured filters to capture images and is therefore possible to link particular wavelengths of light to those emitted by chemicals found in space.

Dimensions: 594mm x 841mm

Thesis Responce - Machine Generated Typography

Letterpress printed research document and posters showcasing the various tests undertaken when exploring 3D printed typography. The typography has been generated from the software used by the 3D printer with minimal user input, the type has been created from the technology itself.

Dimensions: 210mm x 297mm

FMP Research Document

Research document illustrating the design journey through the 3 final major projects. Highlights have been used as a waypoint to help illustrate secondary research and to bring attention to key moments in design thinking.

Dimensions: 180mm x 297mm

Industry Practice

A comparison of 2 London based letterpress studios, New North Press and Harrington & Squires. Outcomes were printed in their studio, with their type, on their most used press using their most common paper stock and ink.

Dimensions: 594mm x 841mm / 148mm x 210mm

Industry Practice Research Document

Research document showcasing the journey taken through the project, from initial ideas, interviews, studio visits and final outcome.

Dimensions: 210mm x 297mm