London based student interested in branding, typography, print and exhibition design. Lauren completed a diploma of professional studies student previously interning at 4Creative, That's Nice LCC NY and Penguin. Also studied at Berlin University of the Arts on Erasmus, specifying in Branding and Advertising.
SEEN Manchester

A cultural identity project to brand a new art and design destination based around a grid and the concrete structure of the buildings of Manchester.

Cosmic Creations

A series of zines to celebrate the 25 years of The Hubble Telescopes existence. The zines colours are based on the filter of the telescope for each planet. Series of 3 planets, more to come in the future.

Crystal Accumulation

An immersive collections project devoted to my Grandfathers personal crystal collection. With a documentary to record his stories about the collection and how he came about each crystal, and an editorial photography book.

Wadee's Wall

A project to raise awareness for the Great Green Wall in Saharan Africa, through a live brief set by Venture3. An application for a younger audience to learn about the wall through the life of Wadee the African tortoise. Selected as a finalist for Venture3's Saatchi exhibition and video. See my website for more information.