My work has strong routes in print design and print making. I like to work with bold colour and explore 'TYPE AS IMAGE'.
Industry Response

We were asked to pick 2-3 designers from the past and present and respond to their working practise. I chose this as a chance to learn more about type and its uses in design. I looked at Wim Crouwel, Philippe Apeloig and Ralph Schraivogel creating a 2 typefaces and one poster combining their three approaches to design. Each poster/type specimen is silk screen printed.

Self Initiated Project: To Display A Collection Of Stamps Through Publication Design

A self initiated project that looks at one man's collection of Olympic stamps. The publication looks at crops, colour and narratives in the stamps highlighting a new way to look at stamps through a publication. A poster of all the crops is included in the back of the publication.

Cultural Identity Crisis

Branding for a new gallery in Bristol based on maritime heritage and Bristol's interaction with the water.