A London born and trained designer, exploring visual association of emotion and symbolism, via illustration and image making.

My work is primarily led by personal experiences, of myself and others, which influence my use of design aspects such as colour, form and media to communicate content and create narrative. I draw inspiration from the work of classic practitioners to produce unique contemporary designs.
Krūnch Chinese Street Food

A graphic response to the themes and information explored during my degree thesis which analysed examples of global branding.

Using an aspect of Chinese culture, the practice of "entomophagy" or the consumption of insects as food, I created a localised experience for the UK market.

I created a brand identity using elements of Chinese and British culture and language which I incorporated in the design of marketing media and several food packaging products such as paper cones, informational food and allergy identification media, cardboard dishes and wax papers.


A publication created to function as a visual and informational explanation of the Danish concept of "Hygge" and its uses and beneficial effects on health, well-being and society.

Food Makes Me Happy

A product to raise awareness of and prevent unhealthy living by encouraging children to actively learn about the effects of food on the body and why we enjoy eating through reading and play.