Emma D'Alba [email protected]
Emma is a London based Graphic Designer (who likes to talk about herself in the third person). She has experience in print, information design, editorial and illustration. Emma has done a couple internships both in the UK and abroad, one of which was for the UK festival Bestival.

For this project I created a special edition magazine called Nebula, to celebrate the 25 years of the Hubble Space Telescope. I chose 5 nebulae from each different category (Dark, Emission, Planetary, Reflection and Supernova Remnant), in total the magazine has 25 nebulae. Along with the images there is information about the nebula and how and when the photo was taken.

Let's Get Crafty

For this brief I have created a zine aimed for working class 10 - 12 year olds that live in urban areas. I chose this demographic as I feel they are; less likely to do arts and crafts, do not see it as cool and do not have the money to do it. I created a zine that is less chintz and more cool by having tutorials on crafty things to make, a fun comic strip and a bright and colourful design.

Around the World in 25 Souvenirs

The Around the World in 25 Souvenirs project explores artefacts from across the globe. The aim of the project is to immerse and educate the target audience into different cultures.

The book has been designed to resemble a postcard and is designed to be A5 size. This is created using a standard postcard structure. The book explores different objects from around the world, explaining the importance of the artefact to its place of origin.

An A2 poster has been designed to accompany the book, and to offer a visual alternative to the project. All 25 souvenirs included in the project will be featured on the poster with lines connecting it to the country of origin.

Samuel Beckett

For this project I created a series of 4 A1 posters for a season of Samuel Beckett plays at the Royal Court Theatre. My main aim for the posters was to encourage a younger generation, who are not used to going to the theatre, to see this season of Samuel Beckett plays. I have done this by creating these 4 bold and brightly coloured posters.