Lara Trad [email protected]
I love print and editorial design and I believe that principles and techniques should be immediately discarded if they get in the way of a good idea.
Samuel Beckett Posters

We were asked to produce a series of four A1 posters for four plays written by Samuel Beckett.
In order to answer the brief, I’ve decided to design my posters the way Beckett might have done it. Therefore I de-constructed the posters the way Beckett de-constructed the theatre, broke their rules and create a series of outcomes that is appropriate to Beckett and his way of working. I wanted my posters to be monotone, without any emphasis on important things, without hierarchy. I wanted my designs to be simple and stripped back.
The only difference between the four posters is their colour.

The Hubble Space Telescope

We were asked to explain key aspects of the Hubble Space Telescope.
The Hubble Space Telescope is composed of different instruments that work to examine and collect different data. Depending on what scientists and people are hoping to see, they can combine instruments to have a clearer view and understanding.
For this project, I explored the different instruments of the telescope and studied their use.
The website is a platform that enables the user to choose and study the variety of instruments and have a look at what they can produce. By clicking on different parts of the telescope, you will be directed to the most recent image taken by the chosen instrument.

Papier Q

A satirical magazine about the stereotypes of the Middle East.
The whole publication is written in Arabic and English.


We were asked to design the identity of a new kind of cultural destination.

Batch is the destination for everything and everyone. Its aim is to promote local innovative artists of all kinds. Music, art, design, food, everything is welcome at Batch. It is a melting point for the local talent to collaborate and expose themselves to the people. It is created as a space in which we’ll collectively live, work, play and innovate to create a better world.