Giorgio Marani is a graphic designer.

Currently finishing the third year of (BA) Graphic
and Media Design course at London College of
Communication and previously studied Graphics
at Salesiani Don Bosco in Milano, city where I'm
originally from.

I approach graphic design from a typographic
perspective and have a respect for seminal
design rules, however I'm no stranger to breaking them.

This is a typographic poster interpretation through the use of Josef Müller-Brockmann's and Armin Hofmann's poster regulations of Felix Pfäffli's series of posters for Südpol.

Research Documents

This is perhaps the most important outcome because it shows the research and development of a certain project.

My father is colourblind

In this publication I represented my father's paintings so that to show the difference between what we see and what colourblind people see, as well as showing the percentage of colours used in each painting.