Angela Fernandez Gomez [email protected]
London-based designer originally from Spain.
I am interested in editorial design and independent publications.
Facing Reality

The brief for this project was to choose a collection, of any kind, and retell the story in a different way.

The collection of my choice is a friend’s fashion magazines. His collection contains more than 150 issues. He has been collecting these magazines and other related books for over 5 years now.

As outcome pieces, I made a book where I show different ways in which I have explored my collection of fashion magazines. I focus on looking at the cover faces and their features. I also wish to spark some sort of conversation regarding diversity, to do so I will ask you to create some doodles and speak your mind through #facingreality either on Twitter and/or Instagram. I also made a website which would be another platform for this interaction to take place.

Hubble Space Telescope

For this brief, I decided to tackle the topic of dark matter.

As final pieces, I built a lightbox where I explore the topic through light and patterns. I also designed a publication to go alongside the lightbox where the topic is clearly explained and other information to do with the telescope can be found too.

Thesis: Revival

Apparently “Print is not dead” and through this thesis, I will explore the revival of print. I will use independent printed magazines as a case study to show that print is still relevant in 2016. Specifically, I will look into how changes in technology and society may have triggered this come back of print. In the future, print will evolve hand in hand with technology and society and it will be interesting to see how it evolves. It is important to accept independent printed magazines as Slow Media, maybe other sorts
of media should have a Slower version too?