I am a graduate Graphic Designer at LCC who is passionate about editorial design, photography and printmaking. I pay attention to the little details as I aspire my work to look clean, professional and finished. (Some what of a perfectionist but I like things done properly).

For my final year I have been working hard at developing my editorial skills, which has resulted in the production of several books and publications, in answer to the final major project briefs. I am strongly interested in paper, colour, reprographic printing and the book binding process.

*please see personal website for further work and projects.
Orbit: The Hubble Space Telescope

‘Orbit’ is a interactive installation exhibition, that explores two of the service missions conducted by The Hubble Space Telescope. With the theme of discovery, the aim is to fully immerse the audience by juxtaposing the digital with the printed. The highlight of the exhibition is a large scale book (a3) that aims to showcase the beautiful images produced by the telescope with corresponding scientific findings. As the person turns each page, the projected images on the exhibition walls also change so that the person is no longer looking at the image but is orbited into the image. This project consits of an large scale exhibition book, an A4 book (that is given to exhibitors after the interactive experience), exhibition leaflet and poster, promotional video and model exhibition.

Utopia: Tetrahedron

'Utopia' is a photographic book that explores the themes of the three words utopia, collage and landscpes. It juxtaposes the idea’s of what utopia is with collages of landscapes to visualise these idea’s. It takes real images, distorts them through collage, scale (magnifying glass) and filters, to create the unreal. It challenges how far you can push the perfect ideal and argues exactly what utopia is. It also consits of quotes from theorist and philosopher, along with the general public on what utopia means to them and what their utopia would include.

RE: Self Initiated Project

RE is my response to a self initiated project where I got the opportunity to create a branding project idea. I had been thinking about doing a water brand project for a long time but didnt have the opportunity to develope it. Through a process of research and experimentation, RE was the final results to this brief.

‘RE’ is a water brand that works as a morning delivery service for those on the move, who need an assessable way to regenerate with an infusion of fresh fruit and water, that revives and lifts your mornings. This project consists of an A1 posters x2, A5 leaflets x2, a promotional video, presentation pitch, bottles and packaging.

The Wrong Way: Industry Project

The Wrong Way project was in answer to an RSA competition brief called 'Making It Inclusive'.

'The Wrong Way' promotes the idea that in creative arts there are no rules but rather that children should be able to create their own right and wrong way. It encourages them to create art freely without the influences from former artist in order to develop confidence in their natural artistic abilities, create more and enjoy the benefits of self-expression. 

I think every child should believe they have the ability to be whatever they want to be. So I set up a series of workshops with that exact aim, to allow children to create their own way, make their own rules but just be creative. In the book I published all the workshops and the outcomes. I have dedicated this book back to the children that took part. To let them know that their work is good enough, they can be artists because I, as a graphic designer have already recognised and published them. They are now one step ahead in developing the artist they are destined to be. And if society says they’re way of art is right, then we will do it the wrong way, our way.