Florence Havell Skeels florencehs.wix.com [email protected]
Hi, my name is Florence. I did an art and design foundation in Suffolk before coming to London to start my degree in Graphic design. My work explores a variety of different mediums and materials, exploring both graphic and surface design, as well as textiles. I enjoy using different printing techniques to create textures, I use bright colours to help my work to stand out. I also explore editorial designs, where my interest and skills in photography are used much like they have been in my branding projects.
Immersive Collections

This project started from a collection of Liberty prints, that had been collected over the last 40 years, by my mother, Deborah Skeels. Each of these prints come from a variety of fabrics including shirts, skirts, and ties, they have been categorised, and documented - by name, date, gender, and material. Each print has been photographed and then the main parts cut out and collaged to create personal Liberty scarfs from this collection. Alongside the scarf designs, are the framed collages, and a book about the collection.

Samuel Beckett At the Royal Court Theatre

This project is a set of theatre posters, advertising four Samuel Beckett plays. These posters have all been created using print based methods from start to finish. Each poster has been mono printed, and letter-pressed to create an individual style that also works as a recognisable set.

Cultural Identity Crisis

Fuse campaign promotes free art events, and public art in Birmingham. This was part of a branding project - to create a mother brand adaptable to different UK cities, and provided audiences with educational and creative experiences at little to no cost.