Hubble Space Telescope

A publication about the Hubble Space Telescope service mission that includes five booklets that are connected by magnets. The format of the book was inspired by the interchangeable structure of the Hubble.

Components such as the letterpressed cover, the title typeface and illustrated diagrams were also designed specifically for the publication.


The Lost Filipino Script: Does Manila Need Baybayin to Create a More Distinctive National Identity?

The focus of this thesis was to explore the history of the Philippines and the ideas of national identity, globalisation, popular culture and hybridity. With months of research, I found that many Filipinos feel a longing for a stronger cultural tie. In turn, I created elements for an exhibition to help remind and educate them of their roots as well as the many unique attributes that the Philippines has to offer.

Great Green Wall

An awareness campaign proposal that involves photobooths, reward token pins and inspiration. The idea was to inspire change by encouraging the audience to think about what they think could change the world. Is it more art, more communication or is it just more awareness? Rather than just creating a video or a few campaign posters, I thought that it would be much more effective to have something interactive - an experience.