Interested in print, digital, identity, and type design. Previous experience includes interning at Pentagram, DesignStudio, Bureau for Visual Affairs and DixonBaxi.
Fraction Mono

Fraction Mono is a monospaced typeface with three heights. Condensed, Regular, and Extended — each doubling in size. The digital typeface was then made into 270 letterpress letters and printed with.

Point, Line, and Polygon

Computer generated sketches based on the themes — Point, Line, and Polygon. A combination of my own, and reappropriated generative images.

Hubble Telescope: 25 Light Years

A poster created to celebrate the achievements of the Hubble Space Telescope. 25 light years corresponds to the 25 years of the telescope from 1990-2015.


Proof of concept application, designed and developed into a working prototype. The app is an exploration of the editorial experience on a digital device. How can we take the best of print editorial design, and combine it with the virtues of digital media — interaction and animation.

The first issue is broken into three multi-media acts, with content I've curated around the theme of Unseen.